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Client : Häagen Dazs, Japan

Opportunity: In the mid 1990’s, Häagen Dazs opened up a series of thematic cafes in several districts of the two largest urban areas in Japan. For the cafe in Ebisu-bashi, Osaka, an influential interior designer was commissioned to create a surrealistic, circus-like environment. For consistency, Häagen Dazs realized the need for a visual identity for all the in-store promotional materials including menus, posters, and collateral.

Solution: With illustration, create a fun, colorful, vibrant image that reflected the environment. Since the available samples of commercial illustration lacked the depth to reflect the surrealistic circus athmosphere, a local fine artist who used allegorical characters in her paintings was asked to adapt her art into an illustrative style.

Responsibilities: Strategic Concept, Creative Direction (Illustration Direction, Collateral Design/Layout Supervision).