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Client : Chelsea Japan, Inc.

Opportunity: Visual identity for premium label outlet shopping malls including logo design and visual concept for special promotions.

Solution: Create logos using simplified architectural and environmental elements representing each property. For example, Mt. Fuji can be seen from Gotemba Premium Outlets (triangular shape in logo) and Rinku Premium Outlets is near the ocean (the stylized ink-brush wave). Establish a bright, vibrant and young visual concept for special promotions since the profile of the typical shopper was determined to be mainly women in their late teens to late 20s--younger than the shopper profiles of similar properties in the U.S.A. The brand strategy resulted in the highest and 2nd highest sales (ever) per square foot of store space (for Gotemba and Rinku Premium Outlets) for all the properties managed by the Chelsea Premium Outlets Group worldwide.

Responsibilities: Strategic Concept, Creative Direction (Photography Direction, Collateral Design/Layout Supervision), Logo Design.